or Army !! 16, He/They/It/Xe, Transman, Nehiyaw. INTP-T :)

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DNI !!

- Basic dni criteria, racism, pedophile/zoophile, ableism, homophobia/transphobia, proshipper, ZIONISTS, Helluva boss/Hazbin Hotel fans, Viziepop supporters, saying slurs you can't reclaim, nft supporters, just any gross or disgusting people :P

BYF !!

- I'm horrible at social interaction, so you might have to dm me first :')... I will feel a bit awkward if you don't match my energy/you are dry..... I sometimes use tone indicators so if you use them back that's appreciated ^^ ! I may take awhile to reply. I LOVE talking about my interests :3 !!!! I USE SWEARS AND CAPS ALOT, I MISSPELL ALOT TOOO

My interests !!

- JJK !!!! Fortnite, One Piece, AOT, SK8, Demon Slayer, Haikyuu, Wonder Egg Priority, Omori, Bluey, NITW, FNAF, Minecraft (OCS), rdr2, Anything Spiderman, DBH, Saiki k, Astronomy, DHMIS, TBHK, TLOU, Given, Buddy Daddies, School Babysitters, Spooky Month, Bojack Horseman, Arcane, sky: cotl

(Me and rai btw) ^

Ships I like for funzies ! :3 (JJK)

SatoSugu, HaiNana, Itafushi, NobaMaki, ShokoHime, MechaMiwa, InuOkko, KiraKari, ChosoYuki, NanaGo